Freeze-Dried Monthong Durian Bar

Durian is well known as King of Fruits. Sunshine selects durian with thick flesh, dense texture and a strong aroma Monthong durian. Every year we acquired up to ten thousand tons of durian from our orchards in Thailand. We carefully select standard quality durian, with ripe fruit sweetness guarantee up to the requirement levels. Only after inspection approved of fresh fruit then can be washed, peeled, rapid freezing IQF machine and other standard operating procedures. Sunshine produced and guaranteed Vacuum Freeze Dried Durian, from raw materials to end products absolutely has no additives, preservatives and any flavourings. With a standard quality of our Fruit King’s Silver package, we specially selected a proper size of Durian chunk ripped with tastefulness guarantee to ensure every bite of our exotic fruit is full with original flavor and aroma.


Product Description

Product info

For consumer satisfaction, we select only excellent quality Durian Monthong to produce tasty crispy durian. We use vacuum freeze drying machine for best preserve and hygiene. No artificial and preservatives added . Enjoy the natural taste and nutrition from prue nature anywhere anytime.


  • Freeze- Dried fruit snack
  • 100% natural, no additives and sugar
  • Resealable bags to keep its natural flavor
  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • Ingredients: 100% Thai Monthong Durians


100% Made in Thailand

Package and weight

Bags sizes : 100 grams