Green Sunshine

Heat recovery

Ecological waste water treatment plant & Organic fertilizer

Recycling bags

The vacuum drying cabin Sunshine uses in production process requires supply of constant heat. Through the heat collection equipment, we are able to reuse the heat produced by freezers. Reuse heat produced from freezers can significantly reduce the carbon and increase energy

We crack and shatter fruit shell to transform it into orchard fertilizer. Through the stockpiling and decomposition of recycling process, the waste becomes naturally organic compost and full of enzymes. After 6 months of natural fermentation of the shell, they become the best organic enzymes. The treated water is full of enzyme which can be used to wash fruit and also purify the sewage effluent. The water would be further purified and is used for irrigation and cleaning, which reduces the overall water consumption of Sunshine production facility.

Sunshine pays attention to every detail, and we encourage customers to reuse the resealable product packaging bags instead of throwing away after consumption. Reusing bags can keep our earth more green.