About Sunshine

Sunshine International was established in 1992 on a simple principle: To work together as a family to make simple and nutritious food products that will put a smile on everyone’s face.
Our food products are made from the highest quality ingredients, which are supplied through our own farms and other local farms. All products are made in our 17,600 Sqm facility in Chanthaburi Province of Thailand, where it has quality local fruit farms in this great-growing region. The proximity to the local farms certainly ensure our products to have high freshness and quality at all time.
We pay attention to the environment as well as the food processing. At the production facility, we use green business practices in our manufacturing to minimize the carbon footprint. During the production process, we insist to keep food products as natural as possible. We use minimal processing to keep the product nutrients dense, even though our facility is a fully accredited GMP and ISO facility with the strictest international food standards.
Our state-of-the-art freeze drying facility can transform fresh fruits into fruit snacks with just 3% water inside, and also its original taste, vitamins and other nutrients. This is what we believe the most effective way to preserve fruits while not losing its natural and nutritional values and taste. All products are no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives added, making them a great choice of keeping an active and healthy lifestyle.

Vision :

Natural value for health. Eco-friendly production process Promote Thai Fruit, Thai Food, Thai agriculturist.

Sunshine philosophy :

Making healthy and natural food products with heart


Founder – President

Alan Liu

In 1990, when Alan Liu was 24 years old, he worked as a sales in a fruit trading business in Taiwan. On a trip to Thailand, he was amazed by the unique shape and taste of “Durian”. Because of this amazing tropical fruit, he decided to stay and started his durian trading business, and later on formed a family in Thailand. During the course of years, he led Sunshine along the way to grow from a fresh fruit trader to a modern fruit product business with a GMP & HACCP accredited production facility. His vision of Sunshine is to lead the company through continuous improvement in various aspects of the company to offer the best quality food products to its customers.


Durian Prince

confident and energetic

Our Brand Ambassadors


Mangosteen Princess

lovely and enthusiastic