Green Sunshine

Heat Recovery

The vacuum drying cabin Sunshine uses in production process requires supply of constant heat.


Ecological waste water treatment plant

Sunshine not only uses the enzyme water to wash fruits, they are also used to purify the sewage effluent.


Recycling Bags

We encourage customers to reuse the resealable product packaging bags…


About Sunshine


Sunshine International was established in 1992 on a simple principle: To work together as a family to make simple and nutritious food products that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Our food products are made from the highest quality ingredients, which are supplied through our own farms and other local farms. All products are made in our 17,600 Sqm facility in Chanthaburi Province of Thailand, where it has quality local fruit farms in this great-growing region. The proximity to the local farms certainly ensure our products to have high freshness and quality at all time.


Where To Buy

Fruit King Freeze-Dried Durian

Durian is well known as “King of Tropical Fruit”in Thailand. Sunshine International selects the best quality of durians with thick flesh, dense texture Monthong durian. Every year, we acquired up to ten thousand tons of durians from our farms in Chanthaburi province, Thailand. Initial inspection will send fresh fruit to be washed, peeled, rapid freezing with IQF machine through GMP & HACCP operating procedures.